The Comfort and Warmth of Cavalier Bremworth Carpet

Cavalier Bremworth - Wool Carpet Canberra
Cavalier Bremworth - Wool Carpet Canberra
Cavalier Bremworth - Wool Carpet Canberra

Burrows Carpets

At Burrows Carpets we have a special appreciation for carpet. Not only does carpet help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room, the right carpet can add a whole new level of aesthetic appeal to a home’s interior.

We’re also on the cutting edge with carpet products like Godfrey Hirst eco+.

We stock a massive range of carpets for both residential and commercial carpet customers, with products from the leading manufacturers in the carpet industry.

Cavalier Bremworth Carpet (100% Wool)

Cavalier Bremworth strive to create a great variety of innovative yarns using beautiful pure New Zealand wool. Traditional production processes lead to exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality. The 100% pure wool carpets create a vibrant and emotional experience and will give your home that personal touch, where you will be introduced to a different level of comfort and warmth.

Wool with Cavalier Bremworth

The incredible resource of wool, a pure, biodegradable and renewable material, continues to be an abiding favourite, and for good reason.

Natural stain resistance, easy maintenance and the flame retardancy of wool fibres make it a practical floor covering. Its excellent acoustic insulation creates a warm, quiet, relaxing indoor environment with no more noisy footsteps.

Natural wool properties make it an ideal carpet for every climate; insulating for warmth in winter and providing cooling relief from the heat in summer.

Free Measure and Quote

Burrows offers a free measure and quoting service during business hours. Its exclusive after-hours and weekend service (by appointment) is designed for consumers who, due to busy lifestyle commitments, find traditional Monday-Friday business hours appointments inconvenient.

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