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Within the timber flooring market nowadays, oak is among the finest and optimum kinds of flooring choices.
Sharing the unrivalled beauty and character of traditional European Oaks, Burrows the Timber flooring specialists have a wide range of timber flooring solutions with different colours and oak types.

Quick-Step Flooring

Beautiful today, beautiful tomorrow…When choosing a timber floor for your home, you want to make sure it preserves its authentic beauty for many years to come. Quick-Step floors are designed to do exactly that: create a truly warm home and give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Embelton Flooring

Bringing you a beautiful, affordable Australian timber floor. From the splendid variation os Spotted Gum to the sun filled blondes of Blackbutt, Embelton use premium quality timbers carefully selected your floor is a show piece for years to come.

Signature Flooring

Signature Timbers offers two european style oak collections – Oak De France and Maison Oaks.
Each collection uses the same artisan skills to construct the parquet from oaks sourced only from certified sustainable forests.
Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style oak floor, Signature Timbers offers a wide range that will add beauty and value to your home.

Premium Oak

The Premium Oak range contains trendy, yet timeless designs that lift your room to the next level. All the planks are brushed and finished with several highly scratch, wear and stain resistant layers of European high-quality lacquer, giving dirt and dust no change to stick to the floor.

Premium Oak comes with the best and strongest joining system in the world, Uniclic, making sure that there are no open joins. Thanks to the versatility of Uniclic, the floor can be installed floating or glued down.

Free Measure and Quote

Burrows offers a free measure and quoting service during business hours. Its exclusive after-hours and weekend service (by appointment) is designed for consumers who, due to busy lifestyle commitments, find traditional Monday-Friday business hours appointments inconvenient.

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